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The Center for ECommerce and Business Analytics (CEBA) is a completely student run software development center. We are the applied research arm of the Management Information Systems Department. Applied research indicates that we are not in the business of writing, just doing! We investigate how the newest technologies available to information system managers allow tools to be developed in order to help business leaders make better management decisions. CEBA team members look for ways to leverage these tools to make a business more effective and efficient. We do so by building application solutions that utilize these technologies to meet the requirements of our stakeholders.

We offer assistantships and internships to qualified MIS grad and undergrad students in project management, web application development and database development. One of the best ways to qualify for one of these positions is to get involved early. You can do so by becoming a member of the Association of Information Systems (AIS). USU has created a chapter of AIS here in the MIS department that provides opportunities to get involved in CEBA. You can also become a CEBA club member and work directly with the AIS Club Officers under Professional Development and New Technologies. Above all of these, taking this special topics course in CEBA gives you a greatest advantage to being offered one of these positions.

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Name: John Johnson
Phone: 435.797.2341

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