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Benjamin Strong

Gary Holyoak

Tanner Johnson

Melanie Anderson

Annie Fiala

Aaron Tingey

Danny Gillespie

Kalvin Schick

Wendy Andreason

Derek Gerratt


Financial Planning Association Financial Planning Association


The national Financial Planning Association currently serves more than 25,000 members — financial planners, associated professionals, academics, students, large firms and independent practitioners — who lead and manage more than 15,500 organizations.

The Utah State Student Chapter is affiliated with the Utah FPA Chapter. Officers in the Student Chapter plan monthly professional meetings, service activities, and the Annual Banquet and Financial Careers Fair. The professional meetings present wonderful opportunities to learn the dynamic details of financial planning while networking with prestigious financial planners with real experience. Service activities provide students hands-on financial experience in the community. The Annual Banquet and Financial Careers Fair connects students and financial planners in a networking environment like no other.

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Club President

Name: Benjamin Strong

Club Advisor

Name: Vance Grange
Phone: 435.797.2702

Club Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date/Time

November 17th Time: 7:00 PM Place: 9th Floor of Business Building

Pizza will be served!  Come listen to Chris Morgan with Intervevos who is an Estate Attorney.  He will be teaching about Estate Planning.  We will see you all there!

January 19th Time: TBD Place: TBD

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