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Go Global…Add the World to your Résumé

A globalized economy needs business professionals who understand the relationships between people, culture, and economic activity. With such an understanding, a person can  cultivate a global mindset that allows them to identify opportunities across a broad spectrum of different countries and economies. As many business leaders understand, a global mindset cannot be taught, it comes with experience.

The Huntsman School of Business offers Global Learning Experiences that facilitate the development of a global mindset and prepare students for entry into a business environment that extends beyond borders.

Students can choose to participate in one or more of these experiences:

The Society for International Business and Economic Development (SIBED) is the student club that focuses on global issues. All students are welcome to join.

Student Testimonials

"Go Global really set the stage for my undergraduate/college experience at Utah State University."

– Kyle Draper, Asia Program

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Liz Allred
Program Director, Global Learning
EBB 309

Gayla Foster
Program Coordinator
EBB 309

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