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2015-2016 Officers

Andrew Todd

Executive of Events - Mandy LoPatriello
Executive of Promotion - Aaron Bytendorp
Executive of Development - Jason Porter
VP of Events - Makel Michael
VP of Finance - Austin Rottman
VP of Promotion - Xander Hulme
VP of Communications - Mike Woodland
VP of Social Media - Lex Skeen
VP of Development - Chris Vaughan
VP of Placement - Tanner Clegg


Huntsman Marketing Association Huntsman Marketing Association


What the Club Does

The Huntsman Marketing Association is a club that connects Aggies with their future. Members receive training in marketing and learn the skills of networking, resume building, and interviewing. That is the foundation. Next we provide exclusive opportunities for students to visit with companies who are interested in them. Company visits will be scheduled throughout the year, in settings where student and executive can interact casually, one-on-one. It's all about making connections! There will also be bi-monthly excursions to visit companies on-site where students will receive a tour and orientation from the company. We are affiliated and work with the AMA and E-club to provide students the opportunity to perform actual marketing jobs for companies.

Who Can Join

All majors are welcome. The club is for all students interested in marketing.

Why Join

The goal of the Huntsman Marketing Association is to ensure that every member has a job or internship before graduating. Join and you will enjoy exclusive opportunities to network with potential employers. We have an outstanding advisory team who are pulling all of their extensive resources to recruit local, state, and national marketers who will come to the University to talk to us.

Other opportunities include:

  • Attending special lectures
  • Trainings on how to succeed as a marketer
  • Visits and excursions on-site to state-wide marketing companies
  • Being part of groups of 3-5 students who are "taken-out" by companies with specific interest in their skill set
  • Invitations to AMA events
  • Opportunities to perform actual marketing jobs for companies

If you are serious about your future in marketing then don't pass up the opportunity to be a part of HMA

Membership Options

Premium membership - $57 (HMA and AMA benefits)

Includes everything both HMA and AMA; access to all national, state, and local speakers, competitions, events, meetings, luncheons, tours, etc. It's a great option for intermediate and advanced marketing students who want to push their skills to the next level.

Membership fees are paid directly to the American Marketing Association and Utah Chapter.

This package expires after one calendar year from the date of purchase.

Join as Premium Member

Basic membership - $15 (HMA benefits only)

Includes HMA only activities; access to all local speakers, competitions, events, meetings, etc. It's a great option for beginning business or marketing students who want to discover what marketing is all about and how to excel in your career.

The basic membership package expires after one school year.

Join as HMA Only Member

Contact Info Contact Info


Club President

Name: Andrew Todd

Club Advisors

Name: Deanne Brocato

Name: Eric Schulz

Club Meeting Schedule

The first Wednesday of every month at 5 pm in BUS 322 - Anyone and everyone is invited.

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