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Jacob Fryer

Danny Gillespie

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Institute of Management Accountants Institute of Management Accountants


Joining the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) provides an excellent resource for students seeking managerial accounting careers. It opens up opportunities for information, networking, internships and scholarships. If you don't know what "managerial accounting" is exactly, we invite you to come find out. If you don't know if managerial accounting is the accounting path you want to take, that's why we're here.

Membership Membership


Student Membership

To become a member of IMA, students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours per semester. Membership dues are $35 for the year; $25 of that goes to the national chapter of Institute of Management Accountants, making you a member of not only your local chapter but also a nation-wide organization of professionals and students in managerial accounting. Talk to Frank Shuman if you are interested in being a member and possibly an officer next year.

Student Chapter Awards

Every year student chapters across the nation compete for Awards of Excellence. Our chapter has received the "Gold Level Award of Excellence" for 18 consecutive years. We are the only chapter in the entire country to have received this many awards. 


As a member of IMA, you will meet on a regular basis with top professionals in the accounting and finance fields. You will not only get to learn from them, but they will get to know you as well. The connections you make as a member of IMA will help you start your career and will prove to be valuable relationships as your career develops.


As a member of IMA, you may be eligible for a variety of scholarships that are sponsored by the organization. More information about available scholarships.

For more information please talk to an IMA officer, or visit the National IMA website or the Salt Lake Chapter website.

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Club President

Name: Jacob Fryer

Club Advisor

Name: Frank Shuman
Phone: 435.797.2339

Club Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date/Time

Ice Cream Opening Social - Bus Lobby @ 5pm Sept. 16

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