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2015-2016 Officers

Liza Patterson

Katrina Nieveen
Vice President

Other officers still TBD.



To join SAEL, just fill out this quick form. We'll email you about our next event within a week, to which you will need to RSVP. Dues for our club are $15.

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The first SAEL book event for the year has been announced! 

Topic: Eating Animals
Thursday, October 29
6:30-8 pm
Location TBD
RSVP Here by October 5*

We will be reading the book Eating Animals. Before you make judgment on the book by its title, read this quick review we put together for you:

While the author does focus mostly on animals as food because of the ethical and health implications, the ideas can be applied to any food you eat, as well as other parts of life. A lot of his book focuses on factory farming and commercial fisheries. These may seem like dense topics, but Foer does an excellent of weaving stories through the book to make it relatable to everyone, even discussing his struggle with being a vegetarian.

*You do need to pay club dues before you can pick up your book, but you can RSVP before you pay.

Society for the Advancement of Ethical Leadership Society for the Advancement of Ethical Leadership


The Society for the Advancement of Ethical Leadership (SAEL) has been created to provide exciting hands-on and real-world ethical experiences to students. The society seeks to uphold the Huntsman School of Business pillar of ethical leadership. SAEL is a student-run club providing many opportunities for students to get involved and challenge themselves with tough real world issues. We hold many activities and events throughout the year. Come check it out!

You get books, food, and prizes for the year, and the dues are just $15!

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Club President

Name: Liza Patterson

Club Advisor

Name: John Ferguson
Phone: 435.797.0997

Club Meeting Schedule

SAEL meets once a month on a Thursday evening. The rest of this year's schedule can be found below. Keep updated in case of changes on our website and through emails.

October 29 - Eating Animals discussion
November 19 - Video discussion
January 28 - Undetermined Book discussion
February 25 - Ethics Bowl
March 24 - The Age of Ambition

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