Internships Overview Internships Overview


Internships are often the critical step in discovering your career passion and landing meaningful career opportunities. The Huntsman Internship Program is committed to helping students apply classroom knowledge and skills in the workplace by helping them find and complete internships. Students are also able to investigate a field of study, network for future employment, and gain class credit.

Our students intern throughout Utah, across the US, and around the world.

The internships program also assists employers in filling short-term employment needs and preparing interns for permanent positions in the future.

Steps to Obtaining an Internship Steps to Obtaining an Internship

1. Find possible internships
  • Current work may qualify
  • Use personal networks
  • Check out the How to Find an Internship - Module
  • Review Internship Postings on Career Aggie
2. Determine which internship class you qualify for
3. Meet with Huntsman Academic Advisor
4. Gain meaningful work experience:
  • Remember to check out our "Etiquette" page for helpful tips on how to have a successfull internship.

Tips on Finding an Internship Tips on Finding an Internship


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