Road Map to Graduation Road Map to Graduation


The Road Map to Graduation and Student Success will help the student navigate beyond academics through the four years of undergraduate school at the Huntsman School of Business.

1st Year 1st Year

  • Attend Orientation
  • Meet with advisor to discuss road map
  • Create an academic plan towards graduation
  • Create LinkedIn profile

3rd Year 3rd Year

  • Review leadership, internship, and career opportunities with your professional network (advisor, faculty/professional mentor, or career coach)
  • Expand your professional network
  • Stay active in clubs and professional organizations
  • Research graduate schools and prepare for the GMAT/GRE
  • Begin preparation for life after Huntsman:
  • Attend resume/cover letter /interview workshops
  • Attend career fairs and participate in mock interviews
  • Expand and maintain professional network
  • Find a professional mentor
  • Research graduate schools and prepare for entrance exams

2nd Year 2nd Year

  • Attend professional etiquette workshop
  • Consult with advisor on long term education and career goals
  • Join a club or professional organization
  • Meet with career coach at Career Services; update resume and cover letter
  • Expand network to include faculty members
  • Participate in a Career Exploration trip, summer study abroad, or internship

4th Year 4th Year

  • Apply for jobs and or graduate school
  • Tailor resume/cover letter to specific opportunities
  • Participate in interview workshop
  • Evaluate and improve interview skills
  • Research companies and salaries
  • Utilize professional network for career opportunities, letters of recommendation or references
  • Continue leadership/participation in clubs and professional organizations
  • Follow graduation plan as outlined on graduation application
  • Accept job offer and report

Post Graduation Post Graduation

  • Stay connected with HSB and USU
  • Continue to utilize your professional network
  • Report success
  • Give back
  • Connect to social media

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